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College Democrat

3 Sep

The first time the College Democrat and I hooked up was Sophomore year.  Somehow, he managed to lure me into his dorm room.  He must have tricked me by saying something clever like, “Why don’t you come over?”  God, I used to fall for that all the time!!  I know better now…well, at least I pretend to know better now.  I’d had a crush on College Dem for ages-or at least 6 weeks, so there was no way I was turning down the invite.

I walked across the quad to his room, and we proceeded to lay in his bed and listen to music.  He was hammered, I was sober, his roommate was passed out in his bed.  He was quietly singing next to me when he reached over and grabbed my knocker with his hand.  That’s how it all started.  So romantic.  So magical.  This was his clever way of seducing me, and I fell for it: hook, line, and sinker.

Afterwards, I did what any self respecting college girl would do: I got dressed, went back to my room, told my roommate every single detail, and then waited by the phone for him to call me.

College Dem didn’t call.  But that’s just fine because I started dating someone else.  We remained friends and never spoke of the incident again…

Until Junior year when I wound up at his party, drunk off my ass.  You’ll be surprised to hear that I ended up in his bedroom during the party.  There we were, College Dem was naked, I was wearing cowboy boots-which he seemed to like, even though they left mud all over his sheets.  After we were done, I got dressed, walked back to my apartment, told my roommate every dirty detail (that I could remember since I was so hammered that I kind of blacked out), and then waited for him to call me.

He didn’t call, but that’s okay because I started dating someone else.  We remained friends and never spoke of the incident again…In fact, we even went on a trip with the College Democrats together.  My boyfriend at the time came with us.  We had adjoining rooms.  The door was open the night that my boyfriend and I had sex for the first time.  College Dem was in the next room sleeping, I could tell because he snored so loudly it made the bed shake…or maybe that was because I was hitting it with my boyfriend.  Who knows.

We graduated.  We went our separate ways.  I heard he married the stupid bitch whore girl that he started dating our Senior year.

Well, guess who just friend requested me on facebook and wants to get together?

The College Years

20 May

Had I known in college what I know now, I would have whored it up way more back then.  Good god it was easy to hook up back then.  All it took was 3 Miller Lites, an invitation to listen to a new CD, and my pants would be down around my ankles.  Hooking up wasn’t the only thing I did during college, I’ll have you know that I also enjoyed my booze, and sleeping in.  My Senior year in college I spent most of my time doing two things: drinking and lusting after several fellow classmates.  One of those was Lawman.

Lawman was 6’4″, had one blue and one green eye, and was hot as sin.  Dirty, dirty sin.  Christ was he hot.  And dirty.  We had known each other since Sophomore year and were close friends-though not quite close enough for my taste.  For most of the time that we knew each other he dated Psycho.  Holy crap was she insane.  They would break up, she’s have a psycho episode in the student union and yell at him in front of everyone, he’d sleep with someone else, and then they’d get back together.  She was crazy.  Unbalanced.  Not sane.  One night, I even thought she was going to take a swing at me in one of the local bars.  This was about 20 minutes after she had thrown herself on the sidewalk and beat her fists on the ground.  Crazy.

There are certain nights that are still clear as a bell, and others that are just as hazy now as they have always been.  I clearly remember several occasions at the end of the night when I was saying goodbye to Lawman and his 2 hot friends.  At some point in the night he had touched the nape of my neck and I had pushed him off of me.  He was stunned by my reaction and demanded an explanation.  Fact is that it drove me absolutely insane (still does to this very day).  He laughed and left me alone-until the end of the night.  They all thought it was extremely amusing to each kiss me directly under my right ear.  I just about died right there.

The place to go back then was a bar in the Commons called Plums.  The smart thing to do was go relatively early and get a table.  You’d have the perfect spot as the entire college seemed to walk by your table.  Being in my early 20’s, I thought it an extremely smart thing to do to begin my evening with either a shot of Gold Schlager, or a Mind Eraser.  It’s no wonder that 1/2 of my Senior year is a complete freaking blur.  The environment was ripe for making bad decisions, it’s a wonder I didn’t end up pregnant or with a case of the clap.

We did, eventually, end up having a very “romantic” romp on a night that I was bombed out of my mind.  Oh those were good times, times.  But that’s a story for a rainy day…