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6 Apr

Guess who’s in love?  Again.  Last night Lola and I went to this kick ass Baltimore restaurant named after a number. It was my first time there and I want to go back immediately if not sooner.  For those of you that are local, you may have heard of the restaurant.  The restaurant is right on the cusp of the ghetto on the NE corner of a park in Baltimore near Canton, and it’s totally worth risking life and limb to go there.

First, let me thank Lola for being 30 minutes late.  Had she arrived on time, I never would have had the chance to hang out at the bar and meet the charming and handsome bartenders (Cool Hand Luke and Other Bartender) and co owner (Dr. Slightly Evil).  This is a first for me: I’m officially in love with pretty much the entire staff (and menu) at this restaurant named after a number.

Other Bartender was kind enough to make me a fabulous rasberry mojito.  Fresh, delicious, and large (just like I like my men).  I had to control myself to not suck down the entire thing before Lola got there.  Once she did arrive, more drinks were ordered and consumed: the mango martini (made with fresh mango puree), and the three herb cocktail.  Let’s talk about the three herb cocktail for a second: holy crap it’s the most fantastic thing I’ve ever tasted (that’s what she said).  In fact, it was so awesome that I drank 3 of them.  It’s a fabulous drink made of crushed thai basil, mint, cilantro (sorry, Muffy), simple syrup, and flavored rum, topped with a splash of ginger beer.  Just thinking about it makes me want to immediately drive down there and beg for some.  (Coincidentally, I also enjoyed 6 glasses of water along with those drinks.  Smart move on my part because I didn’t have any cocktail flu when I woke up.)

We ended up eating at the bar instead of getting a table and asked for a few recommendations. We ordered the zucchini cakes (which were so awesome we ordered more), shrimp cakes, venison, potato soup, and mixed greens.  For dessert we had the chocolate pots de creme-freaking fantastic.  I had to keep myself from licking the little dish it came in. 

If you’re local, you should go immediately if not sooner-only don’t flirt with any of the wait staff or I will beat you senseless because I totally call dibs.  If you’re not local, it’s time to plan a trip. 


Is There Something I Should Know?

27 Mar

It’s more like is there something you should know.  Guess I’m going to have to break out my legwarmers, jelly shoes, and tease out my bangs.  Lola, Muffy and I are going to celebrate the good old days at the end of the May.  One of the raddest bands from the 80’s is going to be in our area and we just scored tickets!! 

A Very Special Birthday Shout Out

10 Mar

People, today we celebrate a very special and magical birthday.  Our own Muffy is turning “21” today! 

Happy Birthday, Muffy!!  Here’s to booze in your glass and hot men (notice that’s plural, not singular) in your bed.

I [Liquid] Love You

6 Mar

I can’t resist the Lemongrass Cocotini, and neither should you.  As Muffy says, the cocotini is “liquid love”.  And guess what?  This girl could use some lovin.

I know that it has Cruzan Cocoa, lime juice, and lemongrass syrup.  If only I could figure out what the hell lemongrass syrup up. 

Mmm. . .Cocotini

3 Mar

Dear people of Baltimore and the blogosphere, you must immediately (if not sooner) make plans to go to Lemongrass in Baltimore (Yes.  I know the link takes you to Annapolis website but it’s the same menu.  Just read the menu and then google the Baltimore address.  Just listen to me this one time!). 

Muffy, Lola, and I went on Saturday night and I’ve been dreaming about it ever since.  The food was so good that once we were through with our entree, we decided to order dessert.  For our dessert, we ordered a 4th entree.  Yeah, you read that right.  Then when we were done with that, we went ahead and ordered dessert.  Lord only knows how I managed to get up out of my seat after all of the food.  Talk about food coma.

Plus, they have the most delicious drink on the face of this earth-the Lemongrass Cocotini.  We went ahead and had a nice sampling of the drink menu.  We tried 7 different coctails and settled on the cocotini as the most delicious one.  I literally licked the last drop out of the glass.  I could drink a bathtub full of the stuff.  All I would need is a straw. 

Protected: A Conversation Between You and Me

11 Feb

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Protected: Will You Be My Date to the Prom?

4 Feb

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Protected: Late = Bad

3 Jan

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