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Protected: I Will Eat Your Face

19 Jan

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16 Apr

You are all about to witness a real miracle. 

Not sure whether or not this coincides with the Pope’s visit to Washington.  

Behold my big news!

Behold. . .

19 Mar

Being a girl just rocks.  After seeing a chick flick (staring one of my secret Just the Tip lovers) with Lola.  I had to run to the store. 

 Behold my purchases!

Is it obvious that it’s that time of the month?  BT dubs, I’m going to eat the entire pint of ice cream.

Behold. . .

25 Feb

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to present to you Foxy’s new intern!

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Protected: Behold. . .

28 Jan

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Behold. . .

18 Jan

People, I would like for you to admire the delicious hot cocoa that I will be enjoying tomorrow at Stone Mill Bakery.  Mmm. . .melted homemade marshmallow on top.  Only 24 hours to go!


On a side note, I made the most delicious dinner last night.  It was so freaking good I almost wept.  Seriously, delicious!  Should you feel the need to make a tear inducing dinner tonight for yourself, or to impress yourself, here’s the recipe for Mustard-Roasted Chicken with Vegetables.  It’s totally worth the 15 minutes it takes to throw everything in a roasting pan.  Mmm. . .so good!


Behold. . .

22 Oct

My worst nightmare.  If this is what the future holds for me, I’m going to jump out of the nearest window immediately if not sooner.

Let us admire the flowered turtleneck, too short jeans, white socks and white Reeboks.  Oh, and let’s not forget the cat crates.  All 3 of them!!  How does one get to a point in their life when their dressed like this and taking their 3 cats to the vet?  Do you suddenly wake up one morning, look around and start weeping?  That’s what I would do.

Too bad you guys couldn’t have heard all about Lasagna, Allison, and Zeus.

By the way, love the hair.

Behold. . .

30 Aug

The most disgusting gum in the world. 

It’s as if the makers of Chloraseptic partnered with Dentyne to make a gum.  Promise me that you’ll never put it in your mouth.  Really, it’s for your own good.