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Deuces, bitches!

2 May

That’s what I’m tempted to yell as I stroll out of University of Broken Dreams for the last time.  My office is packed, boxes are in the car.  All that’s left in this office is a wilting plant, a 2 liter bottle of flat Diet Coke, and a layer of dust.  A visual representation of what it’s like to work here.

My resignation was submitted over a month ago, and it’s been hard to hide the absolute glee I’ve felt since I knew I was going to be freed from this place. Sure, much of leadership has treated me like I’m invisible.  They can go and suck of bag of dicks.

“We’re really going to miss you here,” I’ve heard.  Yeah, I’m not going to miss most anyone here. In fact, it’s kind of a strange feeling, but I could waltz out of here without saying goodbye to anyone.

The only person I’d want to say farewell here is my boss, and she’s out of town.  We had our goodbyes last week, and we’ll see each other tomorrow.  We’ll transition from boss – direct, to friendship.  That’s the one thing I’m most grateful for, she has been a beacon, pillar, the absolute bomb, and I will miss her.

As for the rest of these fuckers, they can get fucked.

Peace out, this bitch is about to leave the building!