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When work gets in the way

16 Apr

Dating someone with children who lives out of town requires all sorts of logistical planning.  When Monsieur le Baguette and I talk on the phone, which is at least a zillion times a day, we often have to start calendaring dates.  Sometimes I wonder if I can use my assistant to help us plan when we’re going to see each other.  Couldn’t that fall into “other duties as assigned” in her job description?

  • Me: You free on this date?
  • MlB: Yes.  I am.
  • Me: Oh, wait, I have brunch that day.
  • MlB: How about the next weekend?  No, I have the kids.
  • Me: I can meet you the day before you pick up the kids.
  • MlB: Great, that works!
  • Me: I just have to be to work at a reasonable hour.

Then we laugh and laugh because we know that’s not going to happen because we’ll be staying up too late doing the things that adults do.  Our dates last a few days, not just a few hours, since it’s somewhat easier to plan and we don’t want to be stuck in the car or on a train for too long.

Date 4 is coming up this weekend: 5 nights and I can’t freaking wait!  The plan was that he’d be at my house by noon so we could enjoy one another’s company (read: afternoon delight or nooner if you prefer), then I’d head back to the office for a few hours before sneaking out early so we could bone again.  Well wouldn’t you fucking know it, this afternoon I received an appointment for a fucking meeting that I can’t decline so now my lunch time plans are ruined!

Cock blocked by work.

Why can’t I be independently wealthy so I can get laid whenever I want?  God, life is so god damned hard.