It’s raining men

15 Mar

Dear sister, go away now.  Don’t read this post.  You should probably be doing something with Damien since he’s on spring break.  Bet he’d love to go see Black Panter again.  Oh, or I know!  Maybe you can plan a nice date night for when my bro-in-law gets back in town.  Mom and I can watch the kids on Saturday night.  You should work that shit out.  Also, go away.

Has it really only been 6 weeks since I dove back into dating?  Feels like months in some respects.  Frankly, I kinda wish I’d have jumped back in much sooner.  Other than the awful date with the assistant district attorney who got HAMMERED on our date, it’s been a blast.  Yes, there have been some average dates and plenty of duds.  And yes, it’s sad that the 6’6″ 34 year old firefighter I had my eye on was so boring on text that I wanted to slip into a coma.

In those 6 weeks I’ve made out with 4 dudes.  Let’s keep in mind that’s 4 more guys than I’d made out with in the last 2 years.  3 of those guys have seen me without a shirt on.  2 of those have ended up in my bedroom.  1 reset the counter, another will be back for a repeat performance this evening and reset the counter again, and the 3rd I’m going to end up dating.

I mean, that’s a pretty fucking great 6 weeks if you ask me.

At this point, adding any more into the mix is going to get too complicated.  Responding to the text messages is getting more difficult.  All I need is to get hammered and send the right text to the wrong guy.  #4 wouldn’t care.  But if Monsieur le Baguette got a text messages meant for the other 2, lord knows how he’d take it.  WOE IS ME!  I’m surrounded by too many men.  I’ve disabled my OKC and accounts for now because I can’t keep up.  Tinder will stay up for now.

In the meantime, I’m going to work on Monsieur le Baguette (who is currently still texting me from overseas), plan my next “date” with the Civil Servant, and choose my safe word for my date with #4 tonight.

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