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As purr our discussion

10 Nov

People with pet cams are such losers. Seriously. Who the fuck spends their time logging into a damn account to watch their baby cat jump on the window sill? So lame.

Guess what? I’m a loser.  Cuz you know? Because I have a cat.

And I have a cat cam.

Okay so really it’s a security cam that I bought for a valid reason. The house alarm has been set off several times – scaring the shizzle sticks out of me. So I bought a security cam to monitor what the hell was going on. Set it up, and it happens to overlook the room where my cat, Mr. Bojangles, likes to spend the time.

There is nothing like a grown woman receiving a notification on her phone that the Kitty Cam has been set off, clappity clapping her hands, and calling all her coworkers in her office to watch the latest Mr. Bojangles shenanigans.

How did this happen to me?