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A short-lived romance

29 May

Friends.  Family.  Strangers.  Everyone else.  Sad news to report.  Very sad news.  My secret imaginary romance with that dreamy dreamboat with bedroom green eyes is over.




Tragedy has stricken in the form of him COMPLETELY ignoring me.  And trust me, that is HARD – especially when I’m going back and forth near where he works talking to pretty much everyone except for him.  He didn’t pop up from his desk once to say hello.  Bastard.  Three days and zero visits, contacts, stolen glances, groping, etc. The writing is all over the wall – Banksy style.  And those words read, “not gonna happen.”

Fuck him in his stupid face.

I hope he gets an ingrown hair near his anus and then it gets infected.

Thankfully, I’m not a drama queen about it.  I’m a mature 41 year-old woman.  I don’t have time for this.