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She’s a total bitch!

10 Jan



Totally reminds of of this: “Tequila” is Mexican for “You Will Want to Die”.

I only wish that I had ended up making out with a shoe instead of on the verge of vomiting to death the next day.

I Love You A Latte

10 Jan

I had a date today with my boss with the dreamy blue eyes.  Have I mentioned his dreamy blue eyes and how incredibly hot he looks in his pin striped suit?  And how his shirt clings to him just right?

Le swoon (I’m swooning in French – that’s how crazy hot he is).

So, our date…he’s spent the last few days winking at me and flexing his muscles and then winking some more.  Today was no exception, there was plenty of winking.




He bought me coffee today.  It’s love.  I totally know it.

Then when we sat down in the romantic corner of the cafeteria we talked all about my professional development.

This totally means something.  I’m going to start getting the paperwork together to change my last name.