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Downton Abbey is so very High Brow

7 Jan

Can we talk about this please?  Last night’s US premier?  The amazing show that stars my boyfriend, Matthew Crawley?  That show, yes, it’s the one.

First of all, don’t come on here telling me what happened in the third season or I will find you down, pour bleach all over your favorite jeans, and curse you until the day you die.  Oh, and also, I will spit in your milk.  And if you don’t drink milk, I’ll spit in your almond milk, tea, water, or whatever you’re preferred beverage is.

Anyway, let’s talk about what’s really important, the eyebrows of Shirley Maclaine’s house maid.  What the hell is up with the girl?  She’s looking very Oscar the Grouch, and that is not chic.  Not even a little bit.  Her damn eyebrows were so distracting that I could barely imagine Matthew Crowley naked and breathless above me. Let’s hope they write her ass out of the show pretty damn soon.  There’s no reason that Sesame Street and Downton Abbey have to be blended into one show.

In other news, Mr. Bates is a BAD ASS!!