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A question for all humanity

5 Jan

Riddle me this, Batman and Robin: why would anyone want to read a blog about running?

I don’t get it.  Having to run is bad enough.  But who the hell wants to read about it too??  That’s about as awful as watching fishing or bowling on TV.

My Life is SO Hard

5 Jan

Think the kids from “Annie” and Jay Z summed it up best in this little tune:

Pity me.  Feel sorry for me.  My life is so damn hard.  Sure there are lots of awesome things, like:

  • I live in a super cute house.
  • I have a job I love that pays me well.
  • I get a pedicure and manicure at least once a month.
  • I have multiple stamps in my passport.
  • I have a new Burberry scarf and new Burberry shades.
  • My couch is super comfortable.
  • I have HBO and can watch every last episode of “The Wire” any time I want to.
  • My iPad, Mac, iPhone 5, and iPod have all the tunes I could possibly want to listen to.

So what’s there to bitch about?  How can I possibly enjoy all of these amazing things when I have to drag myself out of my bed on a Saturday morning to make my own coffee??  Life would be so much easier if I had a butler, a maid, and a cabana boy.  Sure, there’s no pool here, but I’m sure I could find plenty for Enrique, the cabana boy, to keep him busy.