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6 Nov

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time you should realize by now that I amuse myself so much.  It’s true, I don’t think anyone laughs at my jokes as much as I do.  If I had my own show on Comedy Central, I’d be my number one fan.

This morning at work I was hanging out with two of my mail friends.  They’re almost the total opposite of one another: where one is totally buttoned up and conservative, the other is totally laid back and casual.  Casual Dude made a comment about how nice Buttoned Up looked today, so Buttoned Up proceeded to tell us how every election year he’s always caught by a camera crew and asked for an interview.  My take is because he dresses the part.  His take is that he has to be prepared in the event they ask him.

Meanwhile, Casual Dude has what appears to be a bunch of schmeg all over his pants.

  • Me: What the hell happened to you?
  • CD: What do you mean?
  • BU: Your shirt is totally wrinkled.
  • Me: And what’s that all over your pants?
  • CD: God damn it!  What is that??
  • Me: Guess we know who’s really excited about the election today.

Maybe you just had to be there…You totally should have been.