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1 Nov

Admit you love Facebook.  Go ahead, admit it.  You don’t have to hide it from me.  I know that you go on there every day and you look for that one friend you have that you don’t really like very much but feel guilty about unfriending.  Only if you unfriended her then you’d miss her dumb ass posts about how miserable her life is.  Or seeing the pictures of her ginger kid – the ginger kid who has no soul, because he is a ginger.  Or perhaps it’s when she posts a quote or someecard and just adds “just sayin” at least ten times per week.  Or maybe you’d miss seeing the posts about how hot it is when a mom has tattoos.  That’s totally hot – to other Walmart shoppers.

There’s this one chick who I want to reach through my screen and punch every single day.  She has the shittiest life ever.  Based on her posts she never ever sleeps and someone is out to get her.  How do I know?  I have proof.  With posts like:

  • The gloves have come off…no more Mr. Niceguy…
  • Karma is a bitch…but I am a bigger one
  • Love many…trust few…
  • I’m walking away a winner…walking back into my life…
  • When it rains it pours…
  • Working on hour *118…ugh insomnia sucks
  • Hello again, insomnia.  It’s been awhile but I knew you’d be back… 😦
  • It never fails…
  • Let go of the past cause it doesn’t matter.  The only thing that matters is who you choose to be now.  Wounds heal.  Scars fade.  Life goes on. [Then shut the fuck up and stop posting shit no one cares about!!]
  • Miserable is such an understatement to describe how I feel…ugh I am beyond over this… 😦
  • This sucks worse than I ever imagine…ugh

It actually brought me joy to see that her basement flooded and her power went off during the storm.  Further evidence the world hates her.

For the love of the sweet baby Jesus and all of the little angels who hailed his arrival!! (I’m an atheist by the way)  If life is that fucking bad get some therapy, don’t post about it on Facebook!  The only thing you accomplish is getting people to roll their eyes and say, “what the fuck is up with her??”  And by the way, what’s up with all the “…”?  How about taking some of that negative energy and focusing it on learning punctuation?

Admit you kind of want to slap her, don’t you?