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Catherinette’s Terrorist Plot Thwarted!

6 Oct

There is nothing worse than getting stuck behind an amateur in the security line at an airport. You know the type: struggling to remove all their layers, bitching about having to remove their lace up boots, and pissed about having to empty their pockets. Fuck you, dude! You’re holding up the line!

Didn’t you read the 50+ signs on the way up that tell you what to do? You, sir, are a bastard. I hope they pull you out of line and give you the cavity search you deserve.

I’m a seasoned traveler. I wear shoes that can easily be removed during a security screening. I remove all jewelry and belts. I even make sure all my liquids, creams, and gels are stowed away in a clear 1 quart bag.

Today, however, my bag was searched. Why? Because you’re not allowed to bring a giant ass jar of Nutella on the flight. Seriously? Is this where we are as a society? Peanut butter and Nutella are now the vessels if terrorists?