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Why On Earth Would You Want to Smell Like That??

10 Apr

There are things on this earth I will never understand.  Like why anyone cares what the Kardashians do, why people are so into anal, where socks wander off to, why people like olives, and why Veronica Mars was cancelled.  These are all things I spend time pondering.  Especially the first one.  The Kardashians are a waste of space.  Yes, Kim is hot, but the rest of her family is lame and not remotely interesting.  There are more exciting things to do than watch their show(s), like stick your finger in a light socket, or water board yourself.

Yesterday a friend of mine sent me this website and I almost fell out of my chair.

Let me give you the skinny: it’s a website for a “perfume” that smells like vag.  No, not perfume FOR your vag, but perfume that smells LIKE your vag.

With a quick swipe of the roll-on applicator your fantasies will be indulged with not only the memories of an exotic, aroused woman, but also her musky vaginal scent. Only a small drop is needed to make it last for hours…

Why?  Why do you want to walk around smelling like vagina?  I don’t understand.  Unless this is geared towards those creepy guys with real dolls and they want to rub it all over the doll before they have romantic fun times with it.  I just don’t get it.

My favorite part about the website?  Definitely the video!  So there’s lots of footage of a sweaty woman at a gym using a bike.  Meanwhile, a super hot dude (who is clearly a fucking freak) is getting all excited watching her.  So what does he do after she leaves?  He goes over and smells the bicycle seat.  And if that’s not enough, he then proceeds to steal it.  Then hours later he’s rubbing the seat and smelling his hand.  And that’s marketing , my friends.