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My Mom is so Cute When She Does Stupid Things

25 Feb


This morning my mom called me to announce she was very excited with her latest purchase.  She is absolutely obsessed with PBS’s “Downton Abbey”.  So obsessed that if anyone calls her when it’s on TV (even in repeats) she answers the phone only to tell you she can’t talk to you right no.  Every other world out of her mouth on “Downton Abbey” Days is “Mary this” and “Matthew that”.  If there was a rehab we could send her, we totally would.

So it was no surprise when she announced today she had purchased the UK version of “Downton Abbey” on DVD.  After all, she loves the show.  One problem: she doesn’t have a DVD player.  None at all.  The conversation went like this:

  • Mom: Guess what?  I bought Downton Abbey on DVD!
  • Me: Good for you.  But you already saw all the shows.
  • Mom: I know, but I bought the UK version and I heard it’s different.
  • Me: Well, it’s the same show so I don’t think it will be very different.
  • Mom: I can’t wait to watch it.  I just need to figure out how.
  • Me: What do you mean?
  • Mom: I don’t have a DVD player.
  • Me: Wait.  What?
  • Mom: I don’t have a DVD player.
  • Me: So you mean to tell me you went out and spent $45 on DVDs you can’t even play?
  • Mom: But I really like the show.

Now she has to go out and get herself a Blu Ray player.

You’re special, mom.  Really special.

Maybe next time she’ll get herself a pool raft for the pool she doesn’t own.