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Just the Tip Tuesday (02/07/12)

7 Feb

Are you watching it??  Are you watching “The Voice” on NBC?  Because you totally should be. Look, I’m sick of stupid singing competitions.  “American Idol” has been dead since the second season.  Last time there was a good show was God knows how many years ago when Tommy Lee had that “Rockstar Supernova” show.  Amazing.

Let me tell you why it’s awesome: first, the people can sing; second, the judges have witty banter.  But most importantly, if you’re bored, you can just imagine yourself in the middle of an Adam Levine/Blake Shelton sandwich.

There is a downfall to watching.  You’ll inevitably catch a glance of Ceelo Green’s tiny baby girl hands and get creeped out, but trust me, it’s worth that icky shiver.  Blake and Adam will make it all feel better.