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Another Riveting Friday Night

20 Jan

I live less than 20 miles outside of Philadelphia, I have a job that pays good money, I have delightful friends, and a car that works.  I live two hours from NYC and Baltimore.  I live within walking distance of some great restaurants, and even a little movie theater.Know what I’m doing tonight?  I’m sitting on my ass watching shows about prisons.  Yeah, that’s right.  How about that for an amazing Friday night?

Pretty sure I’ll have my pajamas on by 7:00 tonight, just in time to start an NCIS marathon.  Wicked cool.  I know.

Know what I’m having for dinner tonight?  Leftovers.  Yeah, that’s right.  Leftovers.

Maybe later, if I really feel like it, I might take a look at Pinterst or Perez Hilton.  Pretty cool.  I know.  I might even decide to do a load of laundry – don’t want to get too crazy though.

I’ll probably also head upstairs to sob about how pathetic my Friday is.  And then I’ll eat my feelings.  Should probably go out and get some ice cream first.