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Just the Tip Tuesday (01/17/12)

17 Jan

Lose the cats and I’m in.

You’re welcome.

It’s not that complicated

17 Jan

Oh, Facebook, you complete me. I love how you help me find out about people’s shit. It is amazing!

You know what’s awesome? When someone changes their status to “it’s complicated”. That’s code for “I want you to know I’m stupid so feel free to ask me what’s going on so I can tell you all about the dumb decisions I make and how I’m a loser.”

We all know that it means someone cheated, or your significant other wants to break up but you’re clinging on for dear life. Stop pretending. We all know. Frankly, I enjoy your stupidity.

You know what I like even better? When someone goes from “it’s complicated” to “single”. Is it wrong to “like” when that happens?