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The High Cost of Living

6 Jan

This morning on my way to work, after cussing out some jack ass cut me off and I got trapped at the stop light, I looked over at my fancy new handbag and blew it a little kiss.  It’s really nice, you see.  Really nice, and fancy, and I love it.  I’d like to give a shout out to Tory Burch for designing such lovely bags – such lovely bags with such high price tags.  I’m fortunate to have some nice bags in my collection.  Shoes I could give two shits about, aside from a nice pair here and there, but handbags I fawn all over like an idiot.

It suddenly occurred to me that what I was wearing for the day was almost what I made for one pay period.

  • Boots: $300
  • Bag: $400
  • Coat: $300
  • Gloves: $30
  • Sunglasses: $200
  • Pants: $40
  • Sweater: $90
  • Bra: $60
  • Panties: $40

I had more on my body than some people make in a month.  It’s moments like this I’m thankful for having a good job, and a generous mother.

In honor of my luck I’m going to spend far too much money on overpriced alcohol.