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Truer words have never been spoken…err, I mean written

3 Jan

Ain’t no one making you a whore but yourself.

Just the Tip Tuesday (01/03/12)

3 Jan

What?  A JTT??  Jump back!  I know you’re stunned.  Take a moment to catch your breath and regroup.  I’ll be here waiting.  Well, technically I won’t be here waiting, I’ll be at work, but the post will wait for you.  So take a minute and come back when you’re ready.

Feel better now?  Ready?  Okay, let’s go.

So the other week when I met up with Pie Girl she lectured me on the importance of JTT.  While some people made new year’s resolutions to get to the gym or find love or eat less fried food or save more money, I went ahead one to post more JTT’s.  Don’t get too excited.  I said to post more, not to post every week.  And since I set the bar pretty low based on last year’s JTT posts, I’m pretty sure you’ll be getting them once a month.  Kind of like your period – assuming you’re a chick and you haven’t gone through “the change.”


You know what I love?  An actor who isn’t afraid to do full frontal.  Even more, I love a HOT actor who isn’t afraid to show us what he’s packing.  And that’s why the first JTT of 2012 goes to English actor, Michael Fassbender.

Accent and a penis I can see on the big screen?  Ding ding ding!  We have a winner!  If you too want to see him naked and climbing all over chicks, run to the nearest theater playing “Shame”.  If you’re not quite ready to see his schlong, you can also check him out in “300” or in the latest “X-men” movie (he played the young Magneto).

You’re welcome.  Happy New Year. And he’s mine.  I saw him first.  I saw him years ago when he was on a BBC show called “Hex”.  So there.  Back off.