RAWR! I Will Bite You!

14 Nov

Riddle me this, readers: why do dudes in their 20’s think I’d be interested in dating them?  I’m 37, in nine days I’ll be 38.  Whenever people hear my age they are shocked (or pretend to be shocked).  Yeah, okay, I don’t look my age, but I don’t exactly look like I’m in my 20’s.  On a good day I could probably pull off 32.  A few weeks ago when I went to visit my cousin in Canada I met a dude on the plane.  He looked EXACTLY like the Jersey Shore’s, Situation – only he was Indian.  When I told him how old I was he was absolutely floored.  Floored.  He said he thought I was in my late 20’s.  I think he was looking for a wristy in the last bathroom stall, but still it was flattering.

But still, I seem to draw the young ones.  Last year it was Office Adonis who is 10 years  younger than I am.  Then there was a friend of Biggie’s (engaged, of course) who called me one night to tell me how awesome and beautiful I was.  And how we would totally be together IF he wasn’t engaged.  Whatevs.  WHATEVS.  I said it.

Last year when I moved to Philly I put myself up on a few websites.  One of my profiles is still up there, not that I bother to date anyone from the site.  It serves as an ego boost sometimes – a reminder that there are men out there who are interested.  Not that I’m interested in them.  For some reason, however, I seem to draw the young ones.  The VERY young ones.  There have been a few who are still in high school, and A LOT who are still in college.  As I go back to review my profile, I can’t seem to find anything which would indicate I’m interested in someone THAT young.

So then why would someone who is easily 15 years my junior want to be with someone like me?

Oh, dating, why must you be so difficult?  There are PLENTY of times when I’m so perfectly delighted to be on my one.  To be honest, though, there are just as many nights when I wish I was part of a “WE” instead of just “ME”.

Is it too much to ask to be someone’s little spoon?

4 Responses to “RAWR! I Will Bite You!”

  1. Roxanne November 14, 2011 at 11:27 pm #

    You must be attractive and to some guys that’s all that matters. Doesn’t matter if you are 15 years older or have nothing in common — you are a babe. You’ll find someone, but in the mean time I hope you can enjoy being a babe. At 37 some women’s hard living has put the babe behind them. You’ve still got yours and the boys will keep coming. Boys– they are so weird, yet so simple.

  2. Ava November 15, 2011 at 2:03 pm #

    The response I got when I asked young guys what they wanted with an older woman such as myself was almost always the same: an older woman knows what she wants, is more experienced, isn’t as needy as younger women. I was attracting guys in their early 20’s. I was in my early 50’s. All modesty aside, I look great for my age, but it didn’t make sense. I got a few of them to admit the truth. It boiled down to them wanting a relationship with someone who wasn’t going to expect them to get married, settle down, and have babies. Age old answer – they just wanted to get laid, and laid well.

  3. jen November 16, 2011 at 12:07 am #

    I love that you said, “on my one.” Get on that one peen…get own it.

  4. Single & Blogging It November 16, 2011 at 6:00 pm #

    I’ve been on dates with a few guys in their 20s and seem to attract them online as well. Being 34, I’d prefer someone my age or at least IN their 30s, so I get where you’re coming from. The most recent case, we went out NOT knowing each other’s ages. I could have bet my life that he was in his 30s and he thought I was closer to his age, 27.

    Very frustrating, for sure! Everyone, if they want it, deserves to be someone’s little spoon!

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