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His Ass is Grass and I’m the Lawn Mower

30 Sep

This is not the time to try to sell a house. Since putting on my house on the market I’ve had about three people walk in. All of them running and screaming from the house. One said it was too small, another that it required too much work, and one was interested. Sadly for that last person it was at a time when there was a giant lake in the basement (thanks, Broken Sump Pump!).

Aside from paying to maintain an empty house, the other pain is having to get someone to pay the lawn. My real estate agent, who’s a very nice guy, recommended a friend of his. His friend is also very nice, but he is the shittiest lawn care guy EVER!! I’ve been paying him for months to keep the grass cut. This is his version of a well maintained lawn:


Woodland creatures live in here!

The second I pulled into my driveway this morning I called him.  I was nice and pleasant and reminded me that he had said that he would be covering the lawn care for several months INCLUDING fall clean up, and when could I expect him to come out.  All on voicemail, of course.  Is going to to call back?  Probably not.

Am I going to report him to the Better Business Bureau?  You bet!