Just the Tip Tuesday (09/27/11)

27 Sep

Know what I love?  When there’s a hot dude on a show.  Know what sucks, when a hot dude gets a new show and his show is canceled.  Poor Jason O’mara always seems to have that kind of luck.

Know what?  I think things might be a little different in Terra Nova this time around.  Sure the show is kind of like a soap opera version of Lost meets Jurassic Park meets Avatar, but who cares.  I think this time he’s figured out how to make it work: by losing his shirt.  Apparently he’s taking lessons from Alex O’Laughlin from Hawaii 5.0.  Smart move, sailor!

He wants me!  Know how I know?  Because he has a cupcake in his hand and dudes who hold cupcakes want me.  It’s true.

One Response to “Just the Tip Tuesday (09/27/11)”

  1. Sarah September 27, 2011 at 9:30 pm #

    Um, and awesome girls who tell you about him.

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