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I disgust myself!!

16 Aug

You know you’re stressed out when your pimples start breaking out.


Just the Tip Tuesday (08/16/11)

16 Aug

Children’s programming is so different than it was when I was a kid.  We had a block of cartoons in the morning, one in the afternoon, an ABC Saturday Morning special, and every once in awhile there was an ABC After School special.  Not a whole lot to choose from.  Then Nickelodeon came along and changed the game.  Now there are dozens of stupid shit for the kids to choose from.  My nephew is currently into a show called Big Time Rush about a boy band.  It features four teenagers (who are actually in their 20’s in real life) getting into all sorts of shenanigans.

Like any normal adult, I hated it at first…then something strange happened – it started to grow on me, like a fungus.  Mainly because three of the dudes are kind of hot.  One of them is smoking hot, and  yeah, he looks like he’s young.  But you know what?  In ten years, with a smile like he has, he’s going to get all sorts of ass (I’m sure right now that ass is limited to preteen ass).

So, people, here’s this week’s (or this month’s – who are we kidding) JTT: Logan Henderson.

I wonder what he would think about doing someone 16 years his senior?   Logan, totally call me!

Hooker Fashion for Bears

16 Aug

I hope my mom wasn’t planning on retiring to start a new business. This is the new outfit she made for Lucy(fer)’s bear.


The damn thing looks like it needs a pole and a garter belt for dollar bills.