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Imma Vote “Yes” On That

28 Jul

Amidst the aftermath of the Norway shooting and the talks about the U.S. debt negotiations, CNN has the time to publish some pretty spectacular articles.  Are they related to a Nation of mourning and how crazy Andre Breivik (Norway shooter) is?  No.  Perhaps something involving the hacking scandal in the UK that’s threatening to take down the empire built by Rupert Murdoch?  Nope.  Maybe the freaking out U.S. citizens are doing since the government can’t come to a consensus on how to handle the dept crisis?  Uh uh.  Not even Amy Winehouse and what the cause of her untimely death was.

Instead, CNN is focusing on this .

So, let’s talk about it: casual sex, is it really worth it?  My answer: yes.  But only if the persons you’re doing it with is hot and they’re skilled in the sack.  Otherwise it’s like eating a cold slice of cheese pizza with a stale crust: total waste of time.  And something you’ll ask yourself, “why am I doing this” while you’re eating the pizza.