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The Stupid Things We Do To Have TV

11 Jul

Comcast is the Cancer of all cable companies.  They’re the freaking WORST!  Their customer service is beyond horrible.  In fact, I think if Hitler and the Devil himself opened up a cable company it would be better than Comcast.  Being anally fisted by the Hulk is probably less painful than having to deal with those Comcast jokers.  Fuck them in their stupid assholes.

I’m sure you’re shocked to read I’m planning on switching cable companies.  That’s right, I’m going with FIOS.  Originally I was all fired up about telling Comcast to stick it.  I daydreamed about what I would say when I took back the cable box to Comcast and told them to terminate my service.  Would I pitch a fit ala Jerry Maguire?  Or perhaps come up with a witty one liner just as I walked out the door?  So many options!!

Picking a fucking cable company is like dumping one asshole to go out with another.  At first you think there’s hope because the new guy seems so nice, and then you realize that he’s just as big a dick as the first guy.

The install appointment has been rescheduled twice.  The first time was when my bro-in-law had a heart attack and I had to go out of town to watch Damien and Lucy(fer) for the week.  The last time was because their tech had “left unexpectedly” and there was no one else available to come out.  Mind you, they waited until 2:00 in the afternoon to call me and tell me that bullshit.  So I took to twitter and bitched and moaned and they told me I’d be the first person on Monday.  Of course they make you block off 8:00 to fucking 5:00 for the install.  My guess is they need that time because the tech can’t bother to show up on time.

It’s now a little after 9:00 and there is no sign of the god damned technician.  This doesn’t bode well for those fuckers.

Look, I don’t like going to work on time either.  Typically I’m 10-15 minutes late on a daily basis.  But an hour?  I’d get my ass handed to me for that bullshit.  So these guys are lollygagging about and I’m sitting on my duff waiting around.

Half an hour ago I emailed the Twitter dude who helped me out on Friday.  He said he’d look into it.  Guess what?  No word.  NOT ONE!  I’m pretty sure he’s sitting in front of the computer surfing for porn or napping.  God damn it.  GOD DAMN IT!