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Another Fun Tech Adventure with Mom

21 Apr

Those of you who have been reading this blog for some time know how technologically “savvy” (or retarded) my mother is.

Example: This evening I spent over an hour trying to explain to my mother why she couldn’t see something on my Facebook wall.  Have you ever tried to explain the theory of relativity to an infant?  It was about the same thing – only without the drooling or poopy diaper.

Then my mom decides to open up her email.  Progress here because she’s able to do this on her own without a 30 minute lesson on how to log in.  Kind of like when your kids learns how to ride a bike and you can take off the training wheels.  Oh, mom, I’m so proud of you.  She then proceeds to open up her junk mail and read through some of the content.  I see her staring at one email and then she BURSTS out laughing.  I actually think she may have peed herself just a little bit.

I asked her what was so funny and she just points to the screen and keeps on laughing.  I see the email she’s looking at is something about Christian singles meeting up or something stupid like that.  Then she points to the sender, it says it’s from Christian Mingle.  Okay, fine, not sure what the joke is.  Until she explains she thought it was sent by someone who’s name is Christian (first name) Mingle (last name).

Oh, mom.  She’s so cute sometimes.

If you’ll excuse me, I know have to explain to her how a blog post gets added to my Facebook wall.  Lord have mercy.