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A Gift to You from Jewcy

6 Apr

It’s almost 9:30, I just ate my weight in steak, and I should be making my bed.  I wandered in here to quickly respond to a comment and have been sitting here for the last twenty minutes.  Meanwhile, there are no sheets on the bed, laundry needs to get done, and I don’t see the dishes in the kitchen sink doing themselves.  This is exactly why I need a husband.  So I can sit here on my candy ass while he does some chores.  I swear I’ll give him BJ in return, I won’t even bitch about it – at least not too loudly.  If only he would just do the damn dishes.

But I digress…

While I was avoiding the chores that need to get done, I stopped by Jewcy Bits’ site to check out the latest in her world.  Her most recent post is all about her experience with an accidental Brazilian.  How was it an accident?  You’ll have to read the story to find out.

It’s worth the read, trust me on this…

Hump Day

6 Apr

Know what I love?  Putting the hump in Hump day.

I know you.  You’re totally going to wander off to click on the peen counter to see if it’s changed.  How dare you?