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All I Want for Christmas is for My Ass to Be Smaller

20 Dec

Christ almighty I need to freaking stop eating everything in sight!  Why on earth do we use the holidays as an excuse to pour ourselves into our loosest sweatpants and eat every peppermint flavored treat in front of us?  It’s just not right.  Add in the fact I haven’t hit the gym since November and it’s no wonder the zipper on my jeans is straining.

And yet I had no trouble buying a bunch of Peppermint Bark from my favorite cafe in Baltimore, Stone Mill Bakery.  I convinced myself it was going to be for everyone at my mom’s house at Christmas Eve.  That worked until about an hour ago when I popped open the box and inhaled three pieces.  Thank freaking God I’m not in a relationship right now, I’d be far too embarrassed with my body right now to actually have sex.  Plus I think when I sweat I smell like peppermint now.

Ugh, I have to stop.

What treats send you over the edge this time of year?