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Just the Tip Tuesday (12/14/10)

14 Dec

Holla, bitches!  It’s Tuesday.  As tempted as I am to just let the day roll by without posting, I know there are a few of you-I won’t mention any names (WHORE)-who will freak the hell out if I don’t provide a JTT.  Said individuals may slip to the dark side and start mentioning their love for Twilight.  You know you’ve hit bottom when you’re watching Twilight and picking teams (WHORE).

So, my dears, in an effort to appease you and maintain my laziness, I present you with the chest of Office Adonis:

I know, I know, he’s a douche bag.  But guess what?  I don’t give a flying fuck.

Yes, I touched it.  And YES, it was fucking hotter in person.