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Foxy Loves Biscuits

1 Dec

Hi every one – it’s the Foxy. I am sure you all have been wondering how I have been keeping since Cath’s big move on up to Widgets Inc. Well – it’s been rough – I am not even going to lie. Investments ‘R Us has not been the same since her bitch ass flew the coup. I have been trapped with the wacky cast of characters you all know and love without my girl Cath to help me cope and it has not been easy.

But as spiritual people tend to say, when God closes a door, he opens a window. Now- I have always questioned this wisdom of this. Let’s say some one is very upset about said door closing. Open a window – they may leap to their death because of the grief. But – that notwithstanding – I do feel there is some truth to this. A new girl has joined our group – and folks, she’s a freaking hoot. Let’s call her Gumbo. Gumbo is from the south – and I mean the deep south. She has this southern accent to beat the band – when she gets really tired, I can’t even understand her half the time. She’s really funny and she also enjoys mocking others and answers to , “Hey whore!”, so we get along famously.

One thing you all know about me – I love Vag jokes. LOVE them. And I thought I had heard every nick name for the vag known to man; Who-ha, Cha-cha, lady bits, Sugar Walls, the P-word, the C-word, Va Jay Jay, Va-Jean, Va Gina Davis, Va Zsa Zsa, cooter, twat, satch, punta, feeza, the list goes on and on. But Gumbo has taught me a new one. And I must say, of all the vag nick names I have heard, I think this is my favorite. Are you sitting down? I am going to share it with you, for it is gold.

Apparently, in parts of the south, a lady’s twat is called – wait for it – a whisker biscuit. Whisker biscuit! How awesome is that? Ladies – ya’ll got you some whisker biscuits!

On the plus side – I love this. One negative – I am now off biscuits entirely.

Whisker biscuit!