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Everyone Likes Good Head

22 Nov

People, let’s talk about dating.  More than that, let’s talk about online dating…

You know I’m one of the bazillions of people who has joined the wonderful and fabulous world of online dating.  Like many others, I too must weed through some of the dregs of society in search of my night in shining armor.  Here’s the thing: some of these dudes are probably not so bad, but the second I see the dude has been taking a picture of himself in the bathroom, I tune him out.  On to the next one!

The fact is there’s an epidemic sweeping the nation.  It’s worse than Bird Flu or Bieber Fever.  Explain to me why there are so many online singles who take pictures of themselves with their smart phones while they’re standing in the bathroom.  WHY??  What are these people thinking?  The last thing I want to see in someone’s picture is how he decorates the bathroom, and/or the dirty towels on the floor.

I have a solution, a simple solution that we can all benefit from: Dating Headshots.  Smart people can work with these guys to have good pictures taken.  When I first found out about the site, I spent a good 30 minutes looking at some of the before and after shots.  And I’m not talking lame glamor shots, that would be lame on several levels. It’s pretty freaking amazing what they can do.  So amazing, in fact, that yours truly is going to work with these bad boys to get some quality shots taken.  I’m not enough of a tool to take a picture of myself in the damn bathroom, but I know some of my pics leave a little something-something to be desires.

Now, if you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel looking for your knight in shining armor, or your Cinderella it might be worth it to take a looky loo at what they can do for you.  Know the best part?  They’re offering a discount for some of their packages.  Just drop by the Dating Headshots site and enter in 156218 if you sign up for a Silver or Gold package.

You can thank me by naming one of your kids after me.