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Protected: I’m Screwed…And Not In A Good Way

15 Sep

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Being Single Sucks Wrinkly Balls

15 Sep

Why? Why, God? Why??

Seriously, here. Why am I only desirable to boys I don’t want, or those I can’t have? For some reason I seem to have some strange draw to married men or those with girlfriends. Yeah, sure, I’ve flirted my butt off with Office Adonis, however, most of the time if they have a ring on their finger or a girl warming their bed for them I try to control myself. Most of the time. And I don’t usually touch them…unless they happen to be Office Adonis. I would just like to remind you that he made the first move.

Anyway, another office guy (married with kids) basically asked me for a wristie the other day. Mom Jeans keeps calling and texting me – I haven’t responded. Now there’s a third guy who I had kind of talked to on match. We were going to go out, right up until he posted new pictures of himself and I saw that his face look like Bob from Bob’s Big Boy. Um, no. Of course now he’s text messaging me.

Meanwhile, Office Adonis is flirting with me and all I want to do is jump in his lap and drown in his baby blues.

It’s terribly difficult being so desirable sometimes.