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Just the Tip Tuesday (09/14/10)

14 Sep

You know what’s awesome?  When you go to the movies with your roommate and suddenly on the screen one of your all time favorite hotties appears.  Man I love it when that happens!!

Last night I went to see the new Resident Evil movie with Depeche Mode.  Yeah, I think we all know that Milla Jovavich is quite possibly one of the worst actresses of our times.  And yeah, the last two movies have pretty much sucked wrinkly dog balls, but we went anyway.  And we saw it in 3D.

Best part had to be when Wentworth Miller appeared on the screen.

Man that dude is hot.  Yes, I know that I’ve featured him as a JTT before.  But guess what?  I don’t care!  Know why?  Because I get to pick the JTTs AND because he is so freaking hot it’s just not right.  I mean, look at his face.  Look at those eyes!  He is hot.

Accept it.

Like it.

You’re welcome.