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Ring! Ring! It’s the Clue Phone!

30 Jul

Ah, the wonderful joys of dating in a new city.  Shoot me now.  It’s been three months since I moved to Philly, and two months since I took the plunge and signed up for  Good times, good times.  Man do you have to week through some frogs to get to that prince.  There are some really nice guys, I just haven’t found them yet.

I did, however, go out on a date a few weeks back…and I kept it from you.  I WITHHELD INFORMATION!  Can you believe I did that to you?  God, I’m such a bitch.  You’ll be happy to know that you didn’t miss much.  It was three hours of sitting at Starbucks listening to this guy rattle on about engineering and sailing.  Really nice guy but there was less than no spark.  If a negative spark exists, we had it.  Seriously, zero chemistry.  Nice guy, I’m sure that he’ll be a great catch for someone, it’s just not going to be me.  He was a little awkward and it made me a little uncomfortable when he would make some lame jokes.  I wanted to fake laugh but couldn’t bring myself to do it.

When I left I thought, “Peace out, dude!” and that would be it.  So wrong.

Here we are, a month later, I haven’t returned any of his six phone calls, four text messages, or three messages.  I guess I should have followed Boom Boom’s advice and just told him I wasn’t interested, however, in my mind after a three hour date, I didn’t owe him that.  Yeah, guess the no return of any contact wasn’t a strong enough hint.  Yesterday he sent me ANOTHER freaking message asking me what went wrong.

Really, dude?  Really?

So now I’m going to suck it up and respond to him.  I hate doing this since the laws of the world dictate that if someone doesn’t call you back it’s because they’re not interested.  Crap, here I go…