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Just the Tip Tuesday (07/20/10)

20 Jul

Admit it.  Go ahead, I won’t be mad.  You totally thought I was going to skip another JTT, didn’t you?  You freaking did!  That’s okay.  I’m not mad.  Guess what?  I almost did…but then something extraordinary happened.  Something so magical and fantastic that it was worth a post.

People, for the first time in JTT history I am posting the pic of someone that has actually said hi to me.  For reals, yo!  I know!!  It’s so exciting!!

Okay, so the story…

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I spend the bulk of most days posting stupid stuff.  I tweet back and forth with my peeps and every once in awhile will tweet a celebrity even though I know that they probably don’t bother reading it.  Why do I do it?  I don’t know, probably because I’m freaking 12 years old.  Anyway, today I tweeted this: My attempt at Inception: @nathanfillion, you have a deep desire to just say hi to me. #inception.

Guess what?  He freaking tweeted back!!  And you know what?  I started sweating and almost peed myself because I’m 12.  He wrote, now sit down because this is super steamy, “@catherinette, hi.”  Couldn’t you just die??  Do you know what this means?  Do you??  Well, I guess it actually means nothing and he’s moved on, but to little old me it’s something special.  Will I become  a stalker?  Not likely, especially since Office Adonis is looking mighty fine and he’s just a few aisles away…but a girl can dream.

So, fine people, even though it’s a repeat, I’m going to go ahead and throw Nathan Fillion back on JTT because he completes me.

And now I’m going off to plan our imaginary wedding.  It’s going to be super romantic.

Suicidal Singleton

20 Jul

It’s coming, people. The one year mark is quickly approaching and will be here in less than a month. That’s right, kids, a year without peen.

Forget Eat, Pray, Love! I’m going to write my own cathartic novel called My Peen-yless Year. Out on Amazon just in time for Christmas.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some gentle weeping to do at my desk.