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Just the Tip Tuesday (07/13/10)

13 Jul

Every Sunday for the last few weeks we’ve experienced a little ritual here at the casa de Boom Boom and Depeche Mode.  At 9:00 PM EST on the dot, Depeche Mode and I hunker down to watch the latest episode of True Blood while Boom Boom tells us we’re “idiots” and promptly runs upstairs so she doesn’t have to watch the AWESOMENESS that is True Blood.

I mean, how can you possibly turn away from a show that has Joe Manganiello shirtless:

I don’t care how much you hate a TV show, the fact is that you sit there quietly and try to resist jumping up out of your seat and licking the screen.  This dude’s body is seriously insane.  Criminal even.  Me likey, and I want it, and you’re welcome for bringing his hot body to your Tuesday.

This one’s for my whore friend, Sarah, from One Single Cook.  Bitch has been riding me for not having posted a JTT in a month.  I considered ignoring her request, but when she threatened to give me her syphilis, I caved.