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The Things I do For You

1 Jun

And by “for you” I mean “in hopes of resetting that damn counter.”  People, I have reached new lows.  New lows of which I am so ashamed.  It’s that kind of shame that makes me want to slit open my wrists and drown in my own blood in the bathtub.  But if I do that, I won’t be able to watch tonight’s episode of Glee.

Anyway, the shameful act.  I have done something stupid: I have gone ahead and signed up with again.

But you know what?  This time it’s going to be different.  It really is.  No longer will I just be bombarded with emails from guys like this.  Oh no!  This time around I have a good feeling about this whole thing.  My prince charming is out there, in fact, I’m pretty sure he’s within a 50 mile radius and he is waiting for me.  I was never going to find him in Baltimore because he has been here all along.

So, my dear friends, here we go again – back to jump into the dating pool!

Just the Tip Tuesday (06/01/10)

1 Jun

Who cares if he only has one nut?

I’m sure his wiener still works.  Maybe he should change his name from Lance Armstrong to Lance Dickstrong.  No?