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Rose (with an e only I don’t have that ‘ over the e so it sounds wrong)

7 May

Boom Boom and I may or may not have started trinking when we got home today.  And we may ar may not have finished a bothtle fo wine you don’t know.

Depeche Mode came home with Brown and Brown wasnte dto vacumm the car.  I tod l that I would give him a whole whopping 10 cents to take care of my car too.  There htey are outside, vaccuuming my car.  I just leanted out the window and yelled “IRON THAT!” so the whole neighborhood could hear it.

Yeah, they’re not ironing, they’re vacuuming.

Meanwhile, Boom Boom is about to pee herself from laughting.

If you’ll exuse me, I need more wine.

Goodbeyt and thank yiou so much.