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Sometimes Winning Isn’t so Good

9 Mar

The last few days have been pretty shitty.  My new dog, that I had for exactly 71 days, had to be put down last week.  It was very rough, and very unexpected.  He was a sweet boy but was very sick.  By the time I got him, he didn’t have a fighting chance.  As you can imagine, I’ve been spending a lot of time moping and crying off all my make up.  In the last day or so, I’ve started to get back towards my normal self.

Yesterday afternoon I walked out with Disney as I do on most days.   We decided to play this wonderful little game where we attempt to one up one another.

  • Catherinette: My dog is dead.
  • Disney: So is mine.
  • Catherinette: Well I have two dogs that are dead.
  • Disney: My mother is dead.
  • Catherinette: My dreams of a future with a husband and children are dead.
  • Disney: You win.

Not so Foxy

9 Mar

In this day and age you have to wonder why on God’s green earth people still get mullets.  What the hell kind of salon are these people going to where their hairdresser says, “You know what would look great on you?  A mullet!”  Why?  WHY??

There’s a woman here that has to be in her late 40’s and has been rocking the fem-mullet as long as I have known her.  You can tell she takes pride in it because she also curls her bans into a tight little curl AND covers the whole thing with hairspray.  It looks crispy to the touch.  Almost like a hair helmet.  Or hair hel-mullet.

How is it possible that after so many years the person that does her hair doesn’t tell her it’s time to get with the program, throw out her Nascar t-shirt, and get a new ‘do? I  just don’t get it.

You know who else sports a mullet?  Jorja Fox (Sarah Sidle)of CSI.  She has to be one of the ugliest women on TV.  With that big fucking gap between her teeth and her hair circa 1983 it’s clear that her stylist either hates her, or is blinder than Ray Charles.  As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure that the real reason that William Peterson (Gil Grissom) left the show was that he needed intense therapy to treat all the trauma from having to look at that hair for so many years.

Jorja, it’s time to make a little effort and fix your god damned hair.  Oh, and learn how to spell your god damned name.  Jorja is a made up spelling for Georgia.