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Boner is Dead

26 Feb

Tragic news: Boner was found dead today in a park in Vancouver.  Why did he have to kill all my fun Boner jokes?

Maybe we can get Woody Harrelson to disappear for a few days so we can continue the wiener jokes.  Or perhaps Dick Cheney and/or Peter Gallagher can go off into hiding.

Damn it, Boner.  Damn you.

May you rest in peace.

Which is different from resting in piece.  This is only funny if I tell you that 3D used to refer to his junk as “Piece”.  Why?  I do not know.  But we had all sorts of funny jokes about his junk.  For example, he was all about offering “piece to all mankind”.  Sometimes, I would say, “Piece be with you.”  Or we would talk about POTUS (Piece of the United States).


Protected: You, Sir, Can Suck It

26 Feb

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