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Boner is Missing!

22 Feb

Have you heard the news?  It’s a potential tragedy: grown up child actor, Andrew Koenig, is missing.  Don’t recognize his name?  That’s OK, neither did I.  This poor bastard is also known as Boner, from Growing Pains.  Oh yeah, now you know exactly who I’m talking about.

No wonder he’s missing.  Can you imagine being known your whole adult life as a euphemism for an erection?  I can imagine all the trouble he must have gone through.  Wedding vows, “Do you, Boner, take this woman…”

If only he had left an autobiography.  Perhaps something with a clever name like:

  • I, Boner
  • Boner Stories
  • Boner: My Story of Perseverance

WAIT!  Maybe his relatives will write his biography.  It can be called, “My Boner.”