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Oh, Mom. You’re So Cute When You’re Being Stupid.

21 Feb

We have this weird thing we do in our family: we have decided that food poisoning does not scare us.  For years we have left food out of the fridge for days and continued to eat it.  Christmas turkey?  It’ll sit on the counter for an entire week before there’s even talk of putting the food away.  Why?  Because it’s relatively cold and we don’t think we’re going to get sick.

Nine times out of ten when I make soup or stew I’ll let it sit in the pot on the stove for at least a day before it goes in the fridge.  After all, the cover is on so it’s not exactly like it’s going to go bad in 37 seconds.  Or even 37 hours.  Dairy products?  Unless it’s really super hot, we don’t mind leaving them out for awhile.  Screw that stupid rule about putting dairy away within four hours.


But even I draw the line at some point.  This morning while I was at my mom’s I was scolding her for not having any milk for my coffee.  She informed me that there was some Coffee Mate in the fridge so I started poking around.  I took one look at it, recognized that it was decorated with Christmas tree ornaments and new that it was WAY past it’s expiration date.  I insisted that we should throw it away immediately if not sooner.

  • Mom: No, it isn’t!  It’s fine.
  • Catherinette: No, mom, it’s bad.
  • Mom: It’s not.  It’s fine, it hasn’t been opened.
  • Catherinette: It’s so old!  I’ll die if I drink any of it.
  • Mom: Check the label.  It’s fine.
  • Catherinette: It expired on February 28th…of 2008.
  • Mom: Oh, really?  Why don’t you just open it and check it.
  • Catherinette: Are you serious??  It expired almost two years ago and you want me to freaking drink it? What the hell is wrong with you?
  • Mom: Fine, then I’ll just put it back in the fridge.  Someone will drink it.
  • Catherinette: Seriously?  You think someone is going to see that it’s two years old and they’re going to think, “Yeah, it’s fine?”
  • Mom: Sure.  Why not?
  • Catherinette: Really, mom?  Who might that be?
  • Mom: Fine!

She then proceeded to lecture me on being wasteful as she poured the contents down the sink.  Shockingly enough, it wasn’t chunky.  It did, however, smell like minty dirt.  This, my mom insisted, was perfectly normal.