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The Definition of Annoying

11 Feb

A few months ago while I still had my profile up on one of the online dating sites, I met a guy.  He was nice enough, kind of interesting, nothing to write home about.  We exchanges some emails and then it just died.  No tears were shed.  Whatever, who cares?

Fast forward a few months, the dude finds me on Facebook, and sends me a friend request.  Innocent enough, I think so I go ahead and accept it.  He had started dating someone, which, again, I didn’t care about because it wasn’t like I was banking on spending the rest of my life with him.  He was just a dude that would pop up as a friend and that was that.

Until he broke up with the girl about 2 weeks ago.  Suddenly he is ALL over  my facebook page.  In the last 2 days he has commented – no joke here – about 50 times.  Yesterday I uploaded some of my exciting videos of the snow, and they were popular with the people.  Every time one of my other friends would comment, he would add in a comment.  Today he and my cousin went back and forth guessing why I hadn’t responded to my posts.  To the tune of 27 comments.  He’s now friended my cousin and another friend of mine.

It’s kind of ironic that all of his postings started after I posted a note about this creepy ass dude that hit on me over the weekend.  Suddenly, BAM, I have a facebook stalker.

Seriously, dude?  No.  No fucking way.

I feel like a bitch if I drop him like a hot potato, but then again, all of this is fucking annoying.  If this is his idea of game, then he’s a total tool.  Game over, dude.  Move along.

11 Feb

You ever think that criminals on house arrest get off easy?  After all, they get to hang around in the comfort of their own home with cable TV, internet, and a refrigerator stocked will all their favorite foods.  They can molest their wives in the night-time, and maybe in the middle of the day too.  They never have to miss out on the latest episode of Judge Joe Brown, and they’re always home just in time to catch the kick off of the big game.

Know what?

I feel bad for those dudes.  Seriously, it’s a wonder more people under house arrest don’t kill themselves.

I have the worst case of cabin fever.  Being trapped in the house is only fun for about a day.  After that, it pretty much sucks ass – and not in a good way (assuming there is a good way).  There is an appeal to hang out at home in pajamas, watching TV all day, and “working” from home.  Until you have to do it 2 days in a row and then it pretty much sucks.

This morning the thought of another day in pajamas was painful. I actually got dressed and even put a bra on.

My car is now shoveled out, and I have half a mind to run to the corner store just to say that I’ve escaped the prison that is this hell hole.