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My Gift to You

3 Feb

I came across this picture while I was looking for pics of cellulite.

I couldn’t resist posting it.

You’re welcome.

An Important Question for All Humanity

3 Feb

Have you ever gone to the beach and seen a really fat guy in his trunks?  Usually, the guy is just massive and may or may not have a jiggly belly.  Compare that with a really big girl, and you’ll see that we, as women, are robbed.  Know what that woman probably has that the man doesn’t?  Cellulite.  Not only is the chick fat, but she probably has dimples in their thighs.

Have you ever seen a dude with dimples in his thighs?  No, you haven’t.  Know why?  Neither do I.

What’s that about?  Why do we have to get robbed with that?  Not only do we have to suffer with freaking cramps and practically bleeding to death every month, but we also have to deal with the visual delights of bumpy thighs.