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How to Help

13 Jan

Every once in awhile, I put the snark away and do a serious post.

Haiti has been devestated by the recent earthquake which has impacted millions of people.  There are ways to help. MSNBC recently ran an article with a list to charitable organizations that were sending donations to Haiti.

Here’s the link to the article:

Do you really need that six pack of beer?  Probably not. 

Before you tell me I should put my money where my mouth is (which is how I usually earn my living behind the Safeway), let me tell you that I already did.  I donated to UNICEF.

I’ll Put Something in Your Box

13 Jan

Shockingly enough, this post has NOTHING to do with peen.  Nothing.

Take a look at the top righhand corner of the blog.  Notice a little something that has “Email Subscription”.  That’s right, ladies and germs, now you can have the delicious goodness of BJHNOM delivered straight to your own inbox!  Hurray! 

You’re welcome.

Protected: Since When Did You Have to be Nice on Facebook?

13 Jan

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