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Fuck You, Excel. Fuck You Very Much.

12 Jan

I have spent the last 3 hours staring at a stupid spreadsheet.  My eyes are bleeding.  I fucking hate excel with a fiery passion hotter than one million billion trillion gazillion bolts of lightening.





Just the Tip Tuesday (01/12/10)

12 Jan

First, I’d like to dedicate today’s JTT to Sarah P. since she was kind enough to suggest him. 

Second, I’m going to say something that’s going to make some of my female readers angry: Felicity was a stupid show.  Not quite as boring and lame as Grey’s Anatomy, but pretty darn close.  There was, however, one good thing about the show.  That one good thing is today’s pic for JTT. 

Scott Speedman, ladies and gentlemen.  He’s a tall drink of water.*  I’d like to Felicity Shagwell him in the last stall in the men’s room.  Or ladies’ room.  Why be picky?

Yes, it’s true, I never watched Felicity.  I did, however, enjoy him parading around in Underworld and Underworld: Evolution.  He looked might fine in those movies.  Mighty. Fine.  Mama likey so much.

*Where did that saying come from?  It’s actually pretty stupid.  Kind of like “wrap my head around.”  But that’s a different post entirely.