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A Random Observation

5 Jan

Did you ever notice that if you took the Y out of Yemen and replaced it with an S it would be Semen?

Just the Tip Tuesday (01/05/10)

5 Jan

Is it 2010 already?  How on earth has the time passed by so quickly?  I clearly remember where I was when the year 2000 came along.  Many of us were ready for the apocalypse to show itself and for all the world’s computers to shut down.  Mayhem would ensue.  People would turn into savages, and there would be looting all over the world. 

But no, that never happened.  Civilisation continued and we were able to continue watching bad television and shitty movies.

The upside of all of this is that we have been introduced to scores of hot actors and stars that I’d like to get my hands on.  One such actor is Matt Bomer:

Dude is hot and he’s got a new show on USA.  I watched a few episodes and the show was pretty freaking awful.  Tiffani Amber Theissen (who now is all grown up and has changed her name to Tiffani Theissen, because she’s apparently too sophisticated to sport TWO stripper names) is in the show too.  I think it’s called White Collar or something like that. 

Who cares about the title of the show?  What matters is how hot he is.  And he is hot.  Sadly for me, he is also gay.  This means that as much as I’d like to take his tip, he’d probably rather give it to Claude.

God damn it.