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Dave Chapelle Would Be Proud

15 Dec

A friend of mine from high school is a limo driver out in California.  9 times out of 10 his facebook statuses suck ass.  Every once in a while, he has a good one.  Case in point:

Just noticed that one of his LA kids in limo signed their name “Rich James Bitch” on the alcohol waiver form.  Little bastards.

I’d Like to Thank the Academy

15 Dec

Every year, since the beginning of time (or at least for the last several years), Grant Miller has hosted the Drysdale Awards.  For those of you who are not in the know let me edumacate you: the Drysdale is an extremely prestigious blogging award.  At least it ‘s prestigious for about 12 of us who blog.  It’s a highly coveted award and me wants it.

Last year I was nominated for and won the award for “Blog with the Most Spelling and Grammatical Errors.”  Pistols at Dawn was kind enough to nominate me for that one, stating that everything I typed was supposed to say, “I want to sleep with Pistols at Dawn a lot,” but would end up coming out as different words.

Well guess who happened to win another one this year??  Yeah, that’s right.  This time I won for “Blogger that Spreads the Most Rumors About Other Bloggers.”  Guess that rumor I started about Grant Miller being one of Tiger Wood’s mistresses totally paid off.


Just the Tip Tuesday (12/15/09)

15 Dec

Any person on this earth who says that they don’t love a goofball is a liar.  A big fat fucking liar!  Everyone loves the funny guy.  Sure, at first we don’t think he’s all that hot, but then he starts growing on us – like fungus and we find ourselves strangely attracted to him.

Such is the case with today’s pick: Seth McFarlane.

The dude is a genius.  It’s impossible to sit through an episode of Family Guy without cracking a smile.  Baby Stewie embodies comedy.  I nearly peed myself watching him living the life of a tan little baby.  And how about when Peter starts The Church of The Fonz.  Comedy.  Pure comedy.  Yesterday I found myself sitting through 6 back-to-back episodes.  And know what?  I’d like him to put his front to my back.

Yes, Seth McFarlane, I would totally do you.